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Father Ben Buela



We are a parish of about 200 families who gather for community worship on Saturday evening and Sunday morning for Mass.

People coming to our parish have commented that they find us to be a warm and welcoming community. We indeed desire to come to know one another at our regular coffee times after Sunday Mass and pot-lucks and picnics at various times of the year. You are welcome to join us for Mass and fellowship.

The parish offers a number of opportunities for service. We have catechetical programs to bring our children and adults to a deeper understanding of the faith and relationship with God.


Catholic Women's League and the Knights of Columbus are our faith and services organizations. Each group host lunches and breakfasts that help bring parishioners together. Each group is always looking for new members to help them in their carrying out their respective mandates.We have an active Development and Peace group in our parish whose works is local and global.

Check out our bulletin to find out what else is happening in The Parish.​

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