Chair - Jacques L.

 Vice Chair - Denese E-P.

Secretary - Maggie R.

Roy M.

Gina H.

Marc V.


The sacristan ministry is a privileged ministry to the Altar for the celebration of the Eucharist. The sacristan is responsible to prepare the sacred vessels for Mass, water and wine, lavabo (water and towel) and to set the sacred books for Mass (Missal, Lectionary) and to set the altar colour according to the liturgy, white, red, green or violet. The sacristan presides over the opening procession and the offertory procession during Sunday Mass. The sacristan is attentive to the needs of the celebrant and provides any assistance he may need. 

The sacristan is responsible to see that there are lectors, commentators and servers who will connect with the sacristan before Mass. If there is need, the sacristan will recruit people in these functions from the Safe Environment approved list. And the sacristan also assists in baptisms, funerals, weddings.

The sacristan ministry is a beautiful service to God for the parish and is a joy for those who serve in this ministry. 


Music is an integral part of community worship. We are blessed with a number of volunteer groups who lead us in song at our Saturday and Sunday Masses. If you have a musical talent we would be glad to have you serve. If so, please contact the parish office.


Parish Youth Ministries is beginning a new initiative. Stay tuned for updates as they come. To participate or volunteer contact our Youth Ministry Coordinator.


Lectors: This ministry has three components on Sundays: Lector #1, Lector #2 and the Commentator who does the Prayers of the Faithful. A monthly schedule of Lectors can be found on the bulletin boards in the foyer and the Sacristy. During the weekdays, and on Saturdays, Lectors are chosen by the Sacristan based on who is attending church that particular day. For more information or to sign-up email


Parish Youth Ministries is beginning a new initiative. Stay tuned for updates as they come. To participate or volunteer contact our Youth Ministry Coordinator.


It is so good to feel welcomed into our church community with a smile and acknowledgment. Greeters are an essential component of our parish.

We would love to have you share in this joyful ministry of greeting people as they enter our church.

Give it a thought! For more information or to sign-up email


Parishioners are involved in community service if you have some ideas for service and wish to be involved, please contact the parish office. 



Transportation to Mass and church events is available for those in need. Please call the parish office to arrange.


The parish has a catechetical education program from grades one through seven. The diocesan Safe Environment Office requires that there be two adults in each class. We greatly appreciate your help in this weekly program. Please contact the parish office to volunteer.


Parish Youth Ministries is beginning a new initiative. Stay tuned for updates as they come. To participate or volunteer contact our Youth Ministry Coordinator.


Holy Child Parish plans to start an adult faith formation program for all parishioners this January 2023. This is to help everyone to learn more, understand well and practice our rich and glorious faith. We are also looking for parishioners who would like to be involved in organizing this endeavor. We intend to meet weekly (Thursday nights in the church hall) We will start with Fr. Barron’s CATHOLICISM series, an excellent faith formation program. Please contact Fr. Ben or Mark M. (e-mail: if you have questions, or suggestions and want to be part of this ministry. Thank you!


The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (Development and Peace) was formed by the Canadian Conference of Bishops in 1967 in response to Pope Paul VI's encyclical letter Populorum Progressio which says that "Development is the new word for Peace".  Development and Peace was asked to perform two functions: 1. educate Canadian Catholics on the causes of poverty in the Global South and provide opportunities to take actions to help change that situation; and 2. to raise funds to help our partners in the Global South pursue alternatives to unjust social, political, and economic structures.  Development and Peace is the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis, the global Catholic Church that responds to disasters, promotes integral human development and advocates on the causes of poverty and conflict. For many years, Holy Child Parish members have generously supported the mission of Development and Peace through financial donations and by taking an active part in yearly campaigns to advocate for our Southern sisters and brothers. If you would like to explore how you can take a more active role in Development and Peace's mission, please contact John Mott at or 250.487.9590.


Father Ben can be available by appointment for the Sacrament of the Sick and in emergency situations. There are also members of the parish who are willing to come to visit people wishing for prayers for healing or intentions. This can also be offered in the church by arrangements through the parish office.


Extra ordinary eucharistic ministers who attend church are eligible to  take the eucharist to the catholic faithful who no longer can get to church. For example, those living in senior villages, those not able to drive any more, and those in hospice.

On the first Friday of every month, we go immediately after mass to bring the faithful their eucharist.

Aft6er a short format to prepare them, fort example ‘Our Father’ a short gospel reading and an act on contrition, we give them their Eucharist and leave them to spend time with Jesus.

Please contact the office.

Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist bring communion to the sick and shut-in. To assist in this ministry speak to the pastor or contact the parish office.